Be a beauty queen with Bassam Ashoub

One of the most renowned beauty experts in Egypt, Bassam Ashoub, believes that any successful makeup does not try to change a woman into someone else, but quite the contrary.


Ashoub knows how to bring out a woman’s natural beauty without transforming her into someone that neither she herself, nor others recognize. He focuses on using makeup in a way that reflects a woman’s soul and personality without altering her original features. So on your wedding day, you can be the beauty queen of your wedding and let your personality shine bright.


There is no such thing as trendy colors when it comes to makeup in Ashoub’s dictionary. But rather it all depends on skin tone because every skin tone has the colors that fit it the most. Furthermore, Ashoub knows what to use for oily and dry skin whether it’s moisturizers for dry skin or specific foundation creams to reduce oil for oily skin.


Ashoub was brought up among a family known for its expertise in beauty and fashion and their wide fields. So talent definitely runs in the family.

Bassam Ashoub will be joining Cairo Wedding Festival at Uptown Cairo on the 21st of April, 2017 as the fashion sponsor.  Ashoub is the one to go to for a breathtaking look. Not to mention, get all the beauty tips you need for a lifetime.



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