Minimalist Weddings

The minimalist wedding maybe a 2016 trend, but it isn’t going anywhere as more people are embracing minimalist lifestyles this year. Less doesn’t have to mean boring or cheap, but modern and elegant. Minimalism strips away all the clutter and unnecessary things so all that’s left from the décor shines. So for your minimalist wedding planning, think contemporary, clean lines and less clutter. With that being said, here are some notes to get you started.



A minimalist décor is about making the most out of carefully picked design elements that individually serve a purpose but together can make a bigger statement. The way a room filled with candles can instantly create a romantic atmosphere, or the way hanging greenery makes a room magical as if out it’s from a fairytale, or when a strategically-placed beautiful centerpiece takes center stage. That’s how less can be more.

Choosing the right venue that is interesting as it is will help you a lot since you won’t need to decorate much. And, for the tables you can use: transparent seating or any that doesn’t need covers or sash, simple linens, white or crystal china, metallic flatware, thin garlands,..etc. (as long as you don’t overdo it).



When it comes to the color palate, it is better to stick to one or two colors and let everything else be neutral. For example, a neutral room with striking colors in the center of each table will create a stronger impact and will impress.



Introduce your wedding theme through an elegantly designed invite. You could do black & white, all white, marble, or your wedding color scheme. With monochrome invites you get to also focus on the typography. But, remember that they have to be good quality since there are no embellishments to hide behind.



Imagine simple, elegant, flowing with ethereal fabrics that don’t need to be accessorized. The simplicity of the dress should speak for itself. There are so many breathtaking minimalist dresses out there, with different cuts and designs that exude elegance and sophistication.

Moreover, whether you decide to coordinate black and white outfits with your groom or dress to match in both white, make sure they are classic and monochromatic.



A modest modern bun, with little to no accessories, would look gorgeous on the minimalist bride. However, if buns are not for you, there are also other minimal options for you, like a simple ponytail, a braid or keeping it down.



The bridal bouquet should complement your style without overwhelming it. Keep it simple with one or two types of flowers and dark greenery. Neutral colors are usually the popular choice for minimalist weddings; but, if you feel like you need a pop of color, you could opt for colorful or darker blooms. There are also many inspirations online to choose what suits you best.



The cake should be muted; with textured frosting, preferably white, and embellished with a few blooms or greenery.



Ceremony backdrops are quite underrated in minimalist weddings. A simple and elegant backdrop can make a statement and be useful. For instance, you can turn a blank white wall into your canvas and embellish it with pops of greenery. Candles create an intimate atmosphere, as well. The backdrop can be used for guests to take sophisticated insta-worthy pictures.



Your wedding pictures will last you for years, so don’t forget to choose a minimalist-minded photographer to capture the aesthetic. Check their previous work for pictures with good lighting, crisp photos and documentary-style shots.


By: Allaa Farrag