Wedding Dress Shots You Can't Miss

There are so many types of brides out there since us, women, are different in our own unique ways. There are the brides who take shots to every single moment and there are those who just couldn't care less and everything in between. But even those who take lots and lots of photos, amidst those poses, you'll inevitably forget to take some very important shots. Unfortunately, you'll only notice this years from your wedding and oh boy, will you regret it. But we're here to let you immortalize these precious moments and cherish them forever. Here are the wedding dress shots you do not want to miss.


The Hanger Shot

The calm before the chaos. You spent so much time and effort on your weddding dress, so step aside, the dress needs to have a photo on its own.


The Getting Ready Shot

This captures who really stood by you. While getting ready may not be as simple as it looks, you'll look back at how it turned out to be the most beautiful night.


The Details Shot

Nothing will ever do your dress justice. But a close up to all the beautiful details, delicate lace and eleggant buttons is the closest thing as a courtesy for this masterpiece.


The Back Shot

Most of your photographs will showcase the front of the dress—don't forget to get that 360 degree view. The back of the dress always has surprising details in store.


The Playful Shot

It's hard not to take advantage of a dress's floaty fabrics and fun shapes. Play with what it has to offer for a candid shot that will highlight an angle of your dress you wouldn't have otherwise.


The Editorial Shot

Pose like you're coming straight out of a magazine because this will be one to frame. Those cliche moments won't come back again. You won't regret it. 


The Shoes Shot

The dress may steal the show, but it's nothing without the shoes. Show off how good they look with your dress by lifting up the skirt for a sweet and flirty shot.


The Sitting Shot

Forget standing up—sitting down with the skirt spread out around you magically transforms your dress to resemble a soft cloud of snow for a fairytale princess look.


The Windy Shot

Take advanatge of being outdoors and have photos amidst nature.