So, You're Saying That Women Are Objects?


films stereotype women

A lot of people stereotype women as material objects who are just created for sex, while others perceive women as materialistic, desperate for relationships and stupid. The problem is that not only men view women as such, but also some women themselves describe their own gender in such way. Especially in a society that doesn’t really respect women like in Egypt or in most Arab countries. The reason behind this stereotype for women is the fact that Arab countries are mostly male societies.

Not to be so biased, you can also find such stereotype in Western societies, and it's obvious how they depict it in the movies and fictional stories. Hollywood constantly reinforces negative stereotypes about women in their film industry, which contradicts the American society’s code of belief of “equality”.

This article lists 6 essential Hollywood movies that are very popular, which unfortunately stereotype women as objects.

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic

films stereotype women

The story of the movie is about a shopaholic girl that has a lot of credit card debts, who accidentally lands a job writing for a financial magazine even though she really wants to write for a fashion magazine. However, it is supposed to be her “lucky” job as she meets her new boss/love interest, who is a totally hot rich guy. So, eventually, he gives her the money to pay off her debts by sending bidders to purchase her own expensive brand clothes and shoes from her at an auction. In the end of the film, she gets to keep the goods, lose the debt, and also gets a hot rich man who makes all her dreams come true! Wow, she really couldn't just act like a grownup woman and think for herself instead…


2. He’s Just Not That Into You

films stereotype women

Despite the fact that it's a good movie, why on EARTH is it always “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Why is it a HE and not a SHE? Okay, so, guys are the ones who always get to choose if they are into the girls, and the girls don’t? Also, how the film shows a group of women who are so desperate to find their “true love” and get into serious relationships with them is unbelievably irritating. In the movie, we see hopeless women chasing married men, giving ultimatums for marriage, and stalking men online. By the movie’s end, the main character gets the cool bartender, who as far as I can remember told her how so freaking desperate she was when they first met! Isn’t that just a bit offensive for some women?


3. Bride Wars

films stereotype women

This film is about two lifelong best friends, who got caught up, by accident, in the same date and place for their lifetime dream weddings. They both don’t want to give up for the other, so they start scheming for each other and sabotaging their lives. However, in the end, both of them, suddenly, reconcile their differences and make amends because, hey they remembered that they have always been “lifelong best friends”! And girls still wonder why guys call them menafseneen.


4. Twilight

films stereotype women

This movie should seriously get shot twice and if it comes back to life, it has to be shot again. It’s a story of a controlling-freak vampire guy who keeps on stalking his love of his life, Bella, throughout the saga until she falls in love with him. The movie shows Bella as a low self-esteem girl, who makes it easy for Edward to assert dominance over her as he isolates her from her family and defends her from stronger and wicked vampires. Bella is attracted to his violent, yet, adventurous nature, and, at the same time, she’s attracted to the hot wolf guy Jacob. The saga shows how indecisive she is between the two guys, and after making them both fall in deep love with her, she chooses the vampire and leaves the wolf desperate for her love cause hey, who wants a poor guy over a rich badass? Did I forget to mention that it also shows women as not only indecisive, but heartless bitches?


5. Kate and Leopold

films stereotype women

It’s a about a career-driven woman, who lives in the 21st century in New York City, and goes crazy over a time traveling Duke from the 1870’s. So, she gives up her family and career to follow him back into the past where she will be basically nothing. How charming!


6. The Little Mermaid

films stereotype women

Even Walt Disney’s film cartoons stereotype women as objects! Disney's The Little Mermaid shows women as stupid brats who don’t get to have an opinion. The mermaid princess, Ariel, who has a strict daddy, gets to leave him when she reaches the age of 16, as an act of rebellion. So, when she lives outside of the water, she falls in love with a human Prince and makes a deal with the villain, Medusa, to win this man’s heart. She had to give up her voice to Medusa for a man she barely knows! Because why choosing something for your own good when you can do that for a man you don't know at all?!

I know some people may think I'm exaggerating, but seriously these movies can really affect generations. I specifically chose to talk about the cartoon “Little Mermaid” to emphasize the fact that moviemakers can really brainwash people from a very early stage of their lives. The way they show women as sexual objects, desperate, stupid and greedy, and offer stupid relationship-based advices to women can seriously mislead some in their love lives.

So, bottom line is women are not and will never be objects. They are they most important component in any society.


By: YWG Team