How to Know that You are Ready to Get Married?


Getting married isn't an easy decision; try to be wise and aware of your needs

Marriage is considered the most important decision you will ever take in your life. Thus, when it comes to choosing your life partner, you should take this decision wisely. You have to know the exact difference between who will add a meaning to your life, and who will take all the meaning away from it.

As a start, you should quite think about all of the important decisions you have ever taken before in your life. You have to be honest with yourself, about who you are and what do you need. It all starts with you knowing yourself. Of course, considering other people's opinions is essential; however, what's most important is yours. You should make your needs a priority before anything else because, after all, it is the rest of your life that we are talking about here!

You believe you are in love, and decide that you will choose this person as your life partner or spouse without asking yourself if he/she is really the right person or not. It is not a question of whether or not you should buy this pair of shoes or choosing these ripped jeans over a formal pants; it is rather a decision that you will get to live with your entire life and no one to blame but yourself.

Most of the women in Arab societies who take the decision of getting married are faced with societal pressures as well as a desire of autonomy. However, a decision like that has to be considered based on how your partner makes you feel about yourself and how he/she makes you see life. The answers will always be a good start that will lead you to the right path.

As I mentioned before, you have to be honest with yourself and know your dreams, fears, strengths and weaknesses. So, if you can stand on your own as an independent man or a woman without needing anyone to do stuff for you or to control your life, then you can consider yourself ready to share your life with another person while having an equal relationship with your significant other.

It's very important to determine the lifestyle that you desire after marriage; you should know exactly what you need from your partner and know if this person is sharing you the same interests and ambitions.

Now, we have to talk about families. Actually, marriage is not an individual decision at all; it impacts your whole family. It is about two families who are completely strangers getting together to marry two individuals from both sides, as weird as it sounds when you say it out loud! Thus, sometimes differences between two families are the beginning of problems, so you just have to pause and ask yourself, will you be able to live your entire life with not only this person, but also his/her family?

The last thing you have to think about, from my point of view, is the most crucial matter; it's a question of how your significant other treats you…

At the beginning of any relationship, everything seems to be good. BUT, are you jumping through hoops to make him/her happy all of the time? Are you choosing your partner over yourself?

After finding the answers to these questions, you also have to be sure that your partner treats you well. Staying with the wrong person is like wearing the wrong outfit in the wrong place, you just don't belong there. You have to be with someone, who knows exactly how to play on your keys, to know your worth and to treat you like a queen or a king.

And that's when you really know if you are ready to get married and complete the rest of your life with your partner or not. Cause trust me the perfect life is only in fairytales!

By: YWG Team